thank you for looking at my commission info!
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  • Full upfront payment

  • Payment made via Paypal invoice

  • Visual, SFW references only (no text-only descriptions)

  • Non-commercial use only. Minimum +50% fee for commercial use.

Will drawWill not draw
Fanart, OCNSFW
Blood, minor injuryGore
Partial nudityFurries (anthro)

I may work on your commission on Twitch. I also may upload commissions to my portfolio. Please let me know if you would rather keep a commission private!
Since I do stream comms, please keep references SFW!

Requests with offensive or fetish intent will be rejected.
I reserve the right to deny any commission if I'm not comfortable with it.
Please make sure the references you send me are thorough and high-resolution!


When splitting with multiple people, can we be billed individually?
Yes, you can each receive your own invoice.

Can I join the waiting list?
I currently do not accept a waitlist.

What romantic pairings are you okay with drawing?
I can draw any pairings including LGBT+ pairings and OC x canon pairings!
I will NOT draw pairings involving incest, pedophilia, or teacher-student relationships, which I determine at my own discretion.

What body types/age ranges are you okay with drawing?
I can draw most body types including muscular, stockier or chubbier people.
I won't draw any body type that falls into such an extreme that it could be considered a fetish. I would advise providing example pics if you want to double check.

I can draw Hrothgar/Roes. Also, any requests involving violent or suggestive themes on Lalafell characters will be rejected.

terms of service

All payment is upfront, so you must pay fully before I begin ANY work (larger pieces may get thumbnails before payment, if necessary). I will tell you the full price of the commission + any applicable fees before you agree to pay.
I reserve the right to reject any commission if I'm not comfortable with it.
You will receive at least one WIP during the commission process. You can request any amount of WIPs you want at any point.

Average wait time: ~4 weeks
Complex pieces take more time. If you are concerned about the turnaround time you are more than welcome to email me about it. I am always willing to be transparent and open about progress.

Revisions and Refunds
Minor revisions can be done free of charge, but I may charge for major revisions.
If I’ve already started on the work, a 100% refund is not possible. I will refund based on how much is completed already.

As stated in the rules, commissions are for noncommercial use only.
You must not use the commissions for profit. Any personal or nonprofit use is OK.
Noncommercial use includes: personal printing, SNS icon, Twitter header, etc.
Commercial use includes: for-profit printing, usage in monetized videos/streams, blockchain-related transactions, etc.

I am open to commercial commissions! Please email me about it though.

By sending an inquiry, you acknowledge that you’ve read and understood this section.


prices are per character
for instance, a bust illustration of two characters will be $160.
max 5 characters per piece. (not accepting full raid/static commissions at the moment.)

prices were adjusted as of 10/2021

Half body$130
Full body$160

Simple background (none, flat color, sky, pattern): Free
Props (large weapons, large amount of flowers, chairs, tables): $30
Complex bg/scene, where character fills at least 50% of the illustration: $40-60+

If you want to include something that doesn’t fit into any of the above (or below) categories, please let me know! I’m open to hear your request.

Armor/excessive detail
I’m used to drawing complicated armor designs but if it gets excessive I’ll let you know. The additional cost will be $10-20 depending on the extent of the intricacy

Animals and vehicles
Small animals and pets: Free
Larger animals, mounts or vehicles can be drawn provided there is an adequate amount of references. The price will depend on the complexity so let me know your budget if that's something you want to include!


commission format:
300 DPI JPEG up to 11x17 or A3 size
If you need a specific format feel free to request it!

ko-fi requests

Status: closed